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The votes are in! Russell Farnsworth is the first place winner of the 2015 "Rock the LHC" contest for his video "Why the LHC totally rocks!" Russell will receive a free trip to Fermilab, America's premiere particle physics laboratory, to meet U.S. scientists who work on the Large Hadron Collider and many other groundbreaking projects in particle physics.

Why the LHC totally rocks!

Have you ever wondered about the rules that govern the universe? Have you heard about the Higgs boson and wondered what it was? Have you ever wanted to visit a world-class particle physics laboratory?

If so, boy, do we have good news for you.

Win a trip for two from the US to Chicago, Illinois and visit Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. All you need to do is submit a video (two minutes or less in duration) telling us why you think that the LHC totally rocks. If your video is selected, you will get to visit America’s premier particle physics laboratory and home of the biggest group of physicists working at the LHC. You may even bump into people who co-discovered the Higgs boson.

Basic Rules:

  1. Entrants must create a video describing why they think that the LHC totally rocks.
  2. Videos must not exceed 120 seconds in duration.
  3. Videos can be any format. (Animation, music video, claymation, be creative!) One restriction is that the video must be family friendly.
  4. Official submission form is available here. You must host your video on a separate site (such as YouTube, Vimeo, or your own site) and provide the video URL on your entry form. Only submissions received using this web form are eligible.
  5. Video submissions must be received between 08:00 AM CST March 23 and 11:59 PM CST on May 31, 2015.
  6. Video finalists will be selected by a panel of physicists and communication professionals.
  7. Up to twenty finalists will be selected and notified. Finalists must complete an affidavit of eligibility. To be eligible, finalists must be a legal US resident currently residing in the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, over age 18, and not an employee, director, officer, or member of any of the experiment collaborations using the Large Hadron Collider (which includes, but is not limited to the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS or LHCb collaborations), nor an immediate family member or living in the same household of each.
  8. The finalist videos will be hosted on a YouTube channel. The video creators are encouraged to advertise the videos as much as they can. Public comments, likes, and number of views will be taken into consideration to select a winner. The commenting period will begin at 08:00 AM CST on June 29, 2015 and end at 11:59 PM CST on July 19, 2015.
  9. After the commenting period, commenting will be locked and the videos will be judged by a panel of physicists. Judging criteria will include scientific accuracy, creativity, as well as the public’s reaction to the videos. The winner will be announced on or about July 27, 2015.
  10. Contest winner will receive a trip for two from the continental US to Chicago, Illinois, as well as two nights lodging in the vicinity of Fermilab and stipends for both ground transportation and food while in Illinois. The winner will also receive a tour of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Date of actual trip will be at a time mutually agreed upon by the contest winner and contest hosts prior to December 1, 2015. After that date, the winner forfeits the prize.
  11. For a complete set of the official rules, see here.

Video Submission

Sorry, the video submission is closed. The deadline (May 31, 2015) for submissions has passed.


How many times can I enter?

One entry per person.

If your question has not been answered here, you can contact the contest organizers at

Funded by The University of Notre Dame.